Minor Thread Organic Lavender Sachets in Natural Linen (2 pcs)
Minor Thread Organic Lavender Sachets in Natural Linen pictured with 2 sprigs of lavender

Minor Thread

Organic Lavender Sachets in Natural Linen

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Set of 2 lavender pillows filled with fragrant, organic lavender buds. Each set is bundled with hemp twine and topped with a branded hang tag.

Lavender has a calming and soothing fragrance and these sachet pillows can be used to freshen up closets, drawers, clothing storage, luggage, yoga bags and more! Keep one in your carry on for a dose of calm while flying, or tuck one under your pillow for extra relaxation at bedtime.


- Each sachet is approximately 4.5" x 4.5", filled with 4 oz (by volume) of dried organic lavender.
- Each set consists of two matching sachets, tied with hemp twine
- Each sachet has a base of natural linen fabric, and features a carefully selected cotton or linen print on top.
- These sachets are made with natural linen on both sides

Ingredients + Benefits

Lavender buds and cotton canvas fabric

Brand Info

Minor Thread was established in 2003 in Oakland, California by artist Charlie Wright, who was dedicated to taking recycled and vintage materials and repurposing them into awesome, useful objects. What started with a bin full of vintage fabric scraps turned into a need to save overlooked materials and make them new again.

Today, Charlie hand-picks and often hand-paints beautiful, natural fabrics for her organic herbal sachets, creates organic tea blends and offers whimsical, retro-style home goods and accessories.
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