TOPS Malibu Mini Champagne Bubbles - Celebrate (1 pc)
TOPS Malibu Mini Champagne Bubbles - Celebrate - showing all assorted styles - sold individually

TOPS Malibu

Mini Champagne Bubbles - Celebrate

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Enjoy blowing bubbles with our Champagne of Bubbles. Small bottle with tiny little bubbles for Birthdays or grand celebrations. Add to a gift; great for tabletop, party favors, or for any exclamation of joy!

Bottles sold individually. Second picture shows all style options. Each Measures 3 1/2" High x 1" Wide

Brand Info

In the 1980s TOPS Gallery in Malibu began with unusual functional art that was adored by the entertainment community. Founder Judy Walker created the first candle with surprises and messages inside. The next generation became the Surprize Balls - each layer containing a gift. TOPS Malibu continues to grow through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, reaching out and creating lasting memories for their customers. Family memories are being shared with the next generation, and that is a great thing!
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