ULILI Moroccan Scents Atlas Duo Gift Box - Tazarine & Louisa (2 x 100 g)

ULILI Moroccan Scents

Atlas Duo Gift Box - Tazarine & Louisa

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This Atlas duo box is ULILI’s way to pay tribute to the Atlas chain of mountains. Many of the natural essences of Morocco come from the valleys & peaks of the Atlas.

Tazarine means fig tree in the Berber language. Tazarine is a very fresh, elegant and floral scent, evoking a summer breeze embalmed by fragrances of a fig tree and a field of ripe wheat, ready for harvest.

Louisa means verbena in Moroccan Arabic and in Spanish. ULILI’s perfumer worked on the idea of a gourmand verbena that evokes childhood. Sweet, gourmand and acidulous, Louisa is in some way the “Proust’s Madeleine” of ULILI.


Tazarine Notes:
Fig Tree, Ylang, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Musk.

Louisa Notes:
Verveine, Green Mandarin, Citron, Jasmin, Amande Amere, Santal, Bois de Giac, Muscs.

Burn Time: approx. 20 hrs for 100 g.

The candles are cast and handcrafted in ULILI’s workshop in Casablanca. They are made with vegetal waxes and beeswax harvested from the foothills of the Anti Atlas in south Morocco.

This special beeswax provides each one of our candles with an amber color and a honeyed touch.

ULILI candles are designed to create a strong, yet delicate release of its fragrances as well as a harmonious melting of its waxes.

The wicks are made of natural cotton and all our candles are paraffin free.

The Screenprinted Characters are illustrated by the artist Zineb Benjelloun. Each one of the candles comes to life, inspired by the characters of a traditional Spanish card game played by several generations of Moroccans.

ULILI has been working for several years with a ceramist from the city of Tangier in order to create the containers of candles and diffusing hands.

Many oven firings and multiple hand manipulations for the lacquering and screenprinting are needed to produce ULILI’s ceramics.

The Ceramics - Each piece undergoes several oven firings and hand manipulations for the lacquering and screenprinting. The crackles on these chalices are obtained thanks to "Raku", a Japanese technique used in Pottery.

Ingredients + Benefits

Vegetal Wax and Beeswax. Paraffin-free. Natural Cotton Wick.

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Once upon a time, there was a fertile plain in Morocco.

It was called ULILI by our ancestors. They named it after a small tree which colorfully adorned the plain with gorgeous pink and white roses.

On such fertile land, the Romans built Volubilis, where seven centuries later, Idriss became king. Today, only a few remnants and a mausoleum remain, adorned as always by the thriving colorful flora.

Just like the flowering tree whose essence bears the memory of a thousand years, ULILI candles in their amber wax capture the fragrant memories that inhabit the Moroccan imagination.
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