Underwood Letterpress Vintage Postage - The Set Sail Collection (mails 1 letter)
Underwood Letterpress Vintage Postage - The Set Sail Collection showing stamps from this assortment on envelopes

Underwood Letterpress

Vintage Postage - The Set Sail Collection

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Set your snail mail asea with stamps inspired by the ocean life and seafaring ships. Marine and green colors are the perfect accent for white, kraft, navy envelopes and more.

One set of stamps with at least 55 cents of face value in total, enough to send ONE standard piece of mail. Stamps date back to the 1930s. Each set contains 4-6 stamps.


Unused postage never loses value and is accepted by the US Postal Service - even if it dates back to the 30's like some of these beauties! The stamp set is inspired by the picture shown, however, each stamp set is unique and one of a kind.

Brand Info

"Live life with passion and no regrets. This mantra is something I live by personally and professionally every day. My Italian grandmother, lovingly known as Nonie, taught me to be myself, to celebrate the simple things, to never turn down a new adventure and to live with a generous spirit.

"These simple aspirations brought me to create Underwood Letterpress. I learned to letterpress print in 2005 during a bookmaking class where I authored, illustrated, hand-printed and hand-bound a series of children’s stories about my adventures with Nonie.

"Immediately drawn to the combination of creativity and industriousness, I loved moving between designing and getting my hands dirty on the press. Years later, I have had the joy of crafting wedding invitations, greeting cards, social stationery and business cards. Everything we create at Underwood Letterpress is made with passion and love, and a generous dose of adventure."

--Cara Underwood, Founder
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